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Comcar Industries and our affiliated companies designate every Thursday to sharing photos captured by their drivers. Using the #Connected, drivers submit their photos through Facebook or Instagram and then they are shared by the company on all social media platforms. Those platforms include Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Drivers use the hashtag #CONNECTED with the company they drive for. For example,  #CCCconnected and #MCTconnected.

Participation in photo sharing  allows us to showcase the views of our drivers. Also, it gives a more personal insight to the trucking community.


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#CCCconnected #CTconnected #CTLconnected #MCTconnected

Here aT Comcar we’re incredibly proud of the benefit package we provide our drivers.

On the first of the month following your first 60 days of being a truck driver for one of our carriers, you become eligible to sign up for benefits. (more…)

CCC Driver Spotlight: Dan Atkinson

Posted by on Friday, January 27, 2017 in Driver Spotlight

Truck Driver Dan Atkinson stands in front of big rig.Dan Atkinson is a CCC Transportation driver that has been with our company for 30 years! That is the reason he is this weeks #DriverSpotlight! (more…)

Footage from YouTube Video featuring CCC Transportation President Barrett G. Bostick

Comcar Industries has created a YouTube channel

To help future drivers better understand what it’s like to work at a Comcar carrier, we’ve added a YouTube Channel to showcase real “behind-the-scenes” footage. On the new channel, there are videos that show many different aspects of each “sister” company.

Here, you can hear from the presidents of CCC, CT and MCT as they explain the history and value of the company. Also, there are videos that give you a personal look at a day in the life of the truck drivers.

Visit Comcar Industries YouTube channel here and remember to subscribe for updates on the latest Comcar videos.

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